There is something to be said about keeping your head on a swivel. You know, remaining consciously aware of your ever-changing surroundings so you don’t get caught off guard in an unpleasant situation.
Keep your head on a swivel.
If I wanted to summit a huge mountain I would follow a process to prepare for it. I would train, acquire the right gear, plan, commit that plan to memory, train some more, and then execute. BUT, even if I did all of that to the best of my ability it wouldn’t still wouldn’t be enough. If I failed to notice and adapt to the changing external surroundings on my climb, there’s a good chance I would find myself in an unpleasant situation on the side of a mountain, or dead.
The same is true for marketing whether you or a business. Maybe except for the death part, but you get the point, right? If you want to keep increasing your reach and connecting with new people who are seeking solutions to problems you are uniquely positioned to solve, then you have to keep pressing forward while keeping your head on a swivel. Don’t get too comfortable where you are.

Make sense?

There are constants in your process that wont change. Don’t ever lose sight of them. There are also a litany of things that do change and you need to be aware of them. They have a significant effect on your delivery, your execution, and visibility in the digital marketplace.

For example, what you offer wont really change, you may add variations to your offering over time but what you offer will remain relatively constant. On the other hand, your delivery method WILL change over time. Those changes come from shifts in the external surroundings within your space in the marketplace. If you remain aware of them and adapt, you’ll continue climbing. Ignore them, and well, you may find yourself stuck in a less than desirable situation. So keep your head on a swivel.

In other words, never allow yourself to get too comfortable with where you are right now because more of what got you here wont get you all the way to where you want to go. Success is really just a false summit. There is always another one thats a bit higher, gnarlier and farther away right behind it. You can get to the next one but your head needs to be on a swivel.

You’ll need new gear to get there. Maybe a new strategy. A different a route. Who knows, you’ll have to change it up if you want to make it to the top, otherwise you’ll remain stuck where you are.

Think about it

What needs to shift in order for you to move beyond where you are toward where you want to go?

What strategies need to be implemented now in order to gain momentum that will carry you for the next 6 months?

What hasn’t worked as well as it did 6 months ago?

What new technology do you need?

How has your audience’s needs, wants, and desires changed?