We are crazy about helping leaders and teams get healthy and reach more impact. We want to help you, your team and your organization become who God designed you to be. We are coaches, consultants, trainers and content designers. We create practical content, processes, and tools to help leaders thrive. We coach leaders through the twists and turns of the leadership journey. We help teams become more effective through consulting and training. We join teams via video calls, but we love speaking to groups, meeting with teams and sharing meals with leaders in their context.

Alan Briggs

Founder, Lead Creative, Coach

Alan Briggs is crazy about helping hungry leaders GET HEALTHY and REACH MORE IMPACT. He and the team at Stay Forth Designs do this through coaching leaders, consulting with teams, hosting leadership experiences and creating practical content. He co-hosts the Right Side up Leadership Podcast where he hosts conversations about healthy leadership. He has been a pastor, church planting catalyst and entrepreneur. He is dad to four amazing kids and one amazing wife. His books Staying is the New GoingGuardrailsEveryone’s a Genius help followers of Jesus take their next right steps. He has a thing for socks and tacos…


Jonathan Collier

Creative Producer

Jonathan has a deep passion for helping others reach their potential and make a lasting kingdom impact. He believes in the power of story and enjoys consulting with small businesses and ministries to help them leverage the power of technology and social media to communicate their stories. He and Alan founded High Touch Marketing to help businesses and organizations implement practical marketing strategies to help them be seen, known, and heard in digital spaces. He is a graduate of the Liberty University School of Divinity with a degree in Religion and Christian ministries and plans to pursue his Masters of Divinity in Leadership. He and his wife, Jenna, have two Labrador Retrievers, and two cats. They love spending time outside and are both part of a team that is planting Story Church.  He loves cooking, eating, camping, hiking, biking, having a good laugh, and drinking a good cup of coffee…or 12.


Julie Briggs

MA, NCC, Enneagram Trainer

Julie loves being part of a team and discovering what makes people tick. One of her passions is helping others understand how they are built, how they see the world, and why they interact with others the way they do. Julie believes healing and inspiration can come from knowledge of oneself and others.

She has spent countless hours studying and applying the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Enneagram. Julie is excited to use these tools to help people, businesses, ministries, and churches thrive. She currently teaches the Enneagram to teams and organizations full-time. Julie earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Counseling. She is mom to Betti, Manny, Eli, and Mercy and wife to Alan Briggs. She loves spending time with her family, being in the mountains, going on girls’ trips, eating delicious food and enjoying a nice glass of wine.


Karin Harper


Karin is passionate about helping people live the life they were designed to live. She loves helping others see the Masterpiece God’s created them to be and discover their unique identity and mission. She’s captivated by the adventure of life and inspires others to live in a way that is both life-giving and impactful. She is a lover of God, people, cultures, missions, and the church. She lived in Estonia for 6 years and Spain for 4 year helping people investigate whether there is a God and if He could be real in their lives. She was blown away by the privilege of getting a front row seat to watch God work. She was in real estate for several years and savored the opportunity to love and serve clients and co-workers. She worked for 7 years at Gateway Church in Austin, TX as a Grow Pastor and currently works at Woodmen Valley Chapel as the Director of Community Groups and Spiritual Growth. She loves developing leaders, connecting people and beckoning others deeper into the greatest adventure and romance ever with Jesus. She leads the Destiny Project Intensive and coaches individuals and teams. She can most often be found outside enjoying the mountains, biking, kayaking, hiking, skiing or chilling in a hammock.


David Bloom

Coach, Consultant, Podcast Host

David loves the local church and wants to see it thrive. He believes that happens through healthy leaders and is passionate about helping them find clarity and health in their calling. He has led within a variety of church sizes, models, and contexts and has a desire to help leaders adapt as missionaries wherever God has placed them. While planting a church in a small mountain town in Colorado, David developed a special place in his heart for pastors and planters leading churches in rural, or small town environments.  He is currently the lead pastor of Anchor Way Church in Steamboat Springs, CO where he is leading a community into greater kingdom faithfulness in their everyday lives. He finds rest and rejuvenation with his wife, usually exploring the mountains and eating good food. He and Alan started the Right-Side Up Leadership podcast where they cultivate conversations around health and leadership. 

David has a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Taylor University. He married fellow Taylor Grad and best friend, Suzanna, in 2012 and has been ministering in Colorado since 2013. 

David loves the outdoors, deep dish pizza, the Chicago Cubs, learning new things and visiting coffee shops.


Chelsea hill


Chelsea finds her deep gladness in helping people find wholeness and healing through self-exploration, community, hospitality and play.  She has spent the bulk of her career in the faith-based not-for-profit realm helping bridge the gap between some of the most vulnerable and those who have the resources to make change. 

She has found herself incredibly grateful for the wealth of relationships and experiences that she has encountered with many of the most influential leaders and pastors in Colorado Springs through her work with not-for-profits.

Chelsea is a strong believer in inhabiting place.  She is all about gathering and is of the belief that most of our healing can come when we allow ourselves to engage in intentional community.  She enjoys cultivating meaningful experiences for people to find unity, purpose and healing through retreats, hospitality dinners, and events. 

Chelsea and her husband, Tyler, are part owners and founders of Loyal Coffee, a coffee company that is creating a space of hospitality for the Colorado Springs community. Chelsea thrives in connecting with other small business owners and entrepreneurs and helping them find health and balance in their lives.

In her free time, Chelsea enjoys long walks and cooking delicious food to share with her people, which is anyone who is willing to sit at her table!  Her and Tyler have been incredibly blessed to have a little boy, Elias Gregory, who loves people as much as they do.

Eric Sanford

Coach, Consultant, Director of Operations

Eric believes the Bride of Christ is to be cherished, nurtured, and shepherded by disciple-making leaders.  He loves challenging, empowering, and equipping first and second chair leaders to lead disciple-making movements in their context.  He is a certified leadership coach and believes coaching can help an individual, group or organization unlock their God-given potential.  As a church planter turned pastor of Journeymen Church in Denver, Eric established a community of disciple-makers living on mission to reach their neighborhood and beyond.  Prior to planting, he was a Youth Pastor for 8 ½ years in Demopolis, Alabama where he helped establish Super Summer Alabama a leadership and discipleship camp for teenagers.  He is comfortable in the midst of change or uncertainty found in pioneer areas of ministry and is equally comfortable leaning into the programs, traditions, and settings of the established church.  He and his wife, Amanda, have two children and a church full of family in Christ.  He loves college football (Roll Tide), backpacking, reading, and building community.


Michael Larson

Director of Experiences

Michael wants to help everyone do what they were made to do. His career past has been varied – real estate, ministry, sales, finance – which has influenced his desire to see others inspired to do what they love, no matter their context. He has a passion for helping people find fulfillment through boldly creating things they love.

Over years of planning church and community events, he has seen the impact of intentional, well-planned spaces on people’s relationships and lives. He loves the connection that can be formed around the table or over a well-crafted drink and is committed to creating excellent environments.

He loves to concoct delicious beverages, plan multi-course meals and wake up early. He loves to read and travel and write about his own story and others’ at www.michaeljohnlarson.com.

He and his wife, Whitney, have tons of fun with their four kids in a beautiful small town outside Chicago.