We are crazy about helping leaders and teams get healthy and reach more impact. We want to help you, your team and your organization become who God designed you to be. We are coaches, consultants, trainers and content designers. We create practical content, processes, and tools to help leaders thrive. We coach leaders through the twists and turns of the leadership journey. We help teams become more effective through consulting and training. We join teams via video calls, but we love speaking to groups, meeting with teams and sharing meals with leaders in their context.

Alan Briggs

Founder, Trailblazing Leadership Coach

Alan is a mountain guide for the leadership journey. He loves outdoor adventures, but the greatest adventure of his being a father and husband. Alan is crazy about helping hungry leaders conquer overwhelm and navigate with courage. He serves leaders and organizations around the country through coaching, speaking, consulting, designing experiences, hosting mastermind groups, writing his own books and ghostwriting for others. He co-hosts Right Side up Leadership Podcast and regularly writes for Outreach and Field Notes .  


Melinda Joy mingo

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Trainer 

MelindaJoy loves being a cultural guide and helping individuals understand that seeing others through the lens of value, worth, and dignity is the key to building and sustaining genuine relationships across cultures. She loves creating unique and fun cultural immersions, cultural learning guides, and contextualized diversity and justice trainings. She leads and trains community leaders, pastors, law enforcement personnel, church leaders, corporate executives, and anyone who wants to become more of a cultural champion in their communities and spheres of influence. 

MelindaJoy is also an international cultural coach and has spent the last 6 years working and living in Hanoi, Vietnam at Hanoi University as both a professor and business empowerment coach to business professionals. She is a professor and pastor of Je-Nai Ministry International.

MelindaJoy has a Ph.D. in Global Leadership and Education and a M.A. in Organizational Management/Employment Law. 

She  lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is a native of Chicago. Her fun moments include singing, making greeting cards, painting, and motivational speaking.


Jonathan Collier

Director of Marketing, Consultant

Jonathan has a deep passion for helping leaders (business and otherwise) reach their potential and make a lasting kingdom impact. He believes in the power of story and enjoys consulting with individuals, teams, and organizations to help them leverage the power of technology and the digital marketplace to communicate their message. He and Alan founded High Touch Marketing, a boutique marketing agency to help businesses and organizations implement practical marketing solutions to help them grow their brand in the digital spaces. He is a graduate of the Liberty University School of Divinity with a degree in Religion and Christian ministries. He has two Labrador Retrievers, and two cats. He loves cooking, eating, camping, hiking, biking, having a good laugh, and drinking a good cup of coffee…or 12.


Karin Harper

Coach, Experience Facilitator

Karin is passionate about helping people live the life they were designed to live. She loves helping others see the Masterpiece God’s created them to be and discover their unique identity and mission. She’s captivated by the adventure of life and inspires others to live in a way that is both life-giving and impactful. She is a lover of God, people, cultures, missions, and the church. She lived in Estonia for 6 years and Spain for 4 year helping people investigate whether there is a God and if He could be real in their lives. She was blown away by the privilege of getting a front row seat to watch God work. She was in real estate for several years and savored the opportunity to love and serve clients and co-workers. She worked for 7 years at Gateway Church in Austin, TX as a Grow Pastor and currently works at Woodmen Valley Chapel as the Director of Community Groups and Spiritual Growth. She loves developing leaders, connecting people and beckoning others deeper into the greatest adventure and romance ever with Jesus. She leads the Destiny Project Intensive and coaches individuals and teams. She can most often be found outside enjoying the mountains, biking, kayaking, hiking, skiing or chilling in a hammock.


mallory crocker

Executive Administrator

Mallory is all about seeing others empowered to step into who they were created to be! Most of her work has been in the hospitality realm building teams, coordinating events and serving up quality coffee, but in every instance working to see that others are loved fully. She always enjoys finding new ways to organize and streamline processes in order to see leadership thrive! Whether it is emails, excels or touching base on how others are doing – every little bit matters to her. With a degree in psychology, her heart has always been to understand the wiring and inner workings of others. Every person has encountered struggle or brokenness and she believes wellness and joy are accessible to all who seek it in Christ. Working with people is, and always has been, a huge passion of hers that stems from a desire to see others succeed and be seen. Mallory seeks to be everyone’s number one fan and to be a place of safety and belief for others. When she is not working with StayForth, she is rocking bar shifts and social media marketing at Switchback Roasters in the Springs. She and her husband Michael moved to Colorado Springs, from Texas, in the summer of 2020 and love finding themselves in the mountains exploring. If they aren’t outside on trails with their dog, they love visiting good breweries, spending time with family and hosting friends for dinner. 

Chelsea hill

Coach, Experience Facilitator

Chelsea guides people as they navigate seasons of Transition and pursue Purpose in their life. With several personal guided transitions under her belt, Chelsea has found a deep passion in helping people rediscover their Belovedness and Purpose. As Frederick Bueschner would say, “The place where God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s deepest hunger.”  

Chelsea will help you discover your deep gladness and equip you with the necessary tools to discover the boundaries and disciplines you need to help you thrive.


Eric Sanford

Coach, Consultant

Eric believes the Bride of Christ is to be cherished, nurtured, and shepherded by disciple-making leaders.  He loves challenging, empowering, and equipping first and second chair leaders to lead disciple-making movements in their context.  He is a certified leadership coach and believes coaching can help an individual, group or organization unlock their God-given potential.  As a church planter turned pastor of Journeymen Church in Denver, Eric established a community of disciple-makers living on mission to reach their neighborhood and beyond.  Prior to planting, he was a Youth Pastor for 8 ½ years in Demopolis, Alabama where he helped establish Super Summer Alabama a leadership and discipleship camp for teenagers.  He is comfortable in the midst of change or uncertainty found in pioneer areas of ministry and is equally comfortable leaning into the programs, traditions, and settings of the established church.  He and his wife, Amanda, have two children and a church full of family in Christ.  He loves college football (Roll Tide), backpacking, reading, and building community.


Michael Larson

Director of Experiences

Michael wants to help everyone do what they were made to do. His career past has been varied – real estate, ministry, sales, finance – which has influenced his desire to see others inspired to do what they love, no matter their context. He has a passion for helping people find fulfillment through boldly creating things they love.

Over years of planning church and community events, he has seen the impact of intentional, well-planned spaces on people’s relationships and lives. He loves the connection that can be formed around the table or over a well-crafted drink and is committed to creating excellent environments.

He loves to concoct delicious beverages, plan multi-course meals and wake up early. He loves to read and travel and write about his own story and others’ at www.michaeljohnlarson.com.

He and his wife, Whitney, have tons of fun with their four kids in a beautiful small town outside Chicago.