“10 Tools in 10 Sessions”; Our most fruitful coaching process

We journey with leaders toward greater health and impact for ten sessions. By far, this is our most popular and most fruitful coaching process! We help you identify barriers you’re facing, eliminate stress, make healthy decisions, catalyze teams around you and implement our tools for long-term growth.

  • 90 minute sessions (in-person or through Zoom calls, bi-weekly or monthly)
  • Tools with unlimited personal and team usage
  • Write-ups from every session
  • Recommendations for next steps after coaching

Meet our coaches or inquire about coaching at hello@stayforth.com


We want to help you become a leader others actually want to follow! 

Don’t become the next leader who burns out or never reaches their potential. Other leadership tools and processes cost you way too much time and money and never get practical about how to actually grow as a leader. We want to help you…

  • Recover your passion for your work
  • Reclaim your evenings and weekends
  • Unlock practical solutions where you’re stuck
  • Discover how to develop more leaders
  • Reach impact as a leader, writer or coach

 Now Available 

So many leaders are stuck. They’ve topped out because they can’t identify their barriers and push through them. We realize one-on-one coaching is expensive, so we have created a group coaching experience where you will grow, find a community and get access to two of our coaches.

In this cohort, you will…

  • Discover your unique design
  • Identify your barriers
  • Learn to protect your priorities
  • Become more fruitful and productive
This includes… 
  • Monthly group coaching call (December – May)
  • Close Facebook community
  • Stay Forth Toolkit
  • One individual coaching call
  • Right Side up Journal
  • Cost: ONLY $300.00!

Our guides 



Why you need coaching and consulting

Coaching helps good leaders become great, and consulting helps good teams become great. We get the honor of helping leaders de-stress, get healthy and explode with more impact. Business guru, Verne Harnish, says, “One-on-one coaching is the number one factor linked to great management.” We think so too! We walk alongside leaders and teams, help them define a preferred future and take the steps to get there. We implement Stay Forth tools to work ourselves out of a job and help you succeed long after our coaching and consulting processes are done.


What others are saying…

“I highly recommend Unique Design Coaching if you’re looking to improve yourself, your relationships, or your leadership. The self-awareness combined with the insight into those closest to you, will be life changing and overwhelmingly worth it.” ~ Adriana R.

“Worth every dollar!”  Brit, Church Planter

“I highly recommend them for coaching or consulting!”  Karin, Discipleship Director & coach

“I can’t thank them enough for wanting health in all areas for me and my team.”  Sarah, Ministry Leader

“My coaching was well worth the investment. Now I get to coach others!”   Josh, Pastor & leader catalyst

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