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Stay Forth Coaching Processes 

Every Stay Forth Coaching process helps you GET HEALTHY + REACH SUSTAINABLE IMPACT in a different way. Through one-on-one and our group coaching processes we help leaders…
  • Clarify obstacles so they can overcome them 
  • Navigate sabbatical and return healthier
  • Recover passion for your work
  • Reclaim your evenings and weekends
  • Unlock practical solutions where you’re stuck
  • Develop others around you
  • Eliminate overwhelm
  • Reach your next level of impact

Our team of coaches helps you discover ridiculously practical ways to overcome your barriers. Each process looks different, and we cater it to fit your challenges.  

leadership coaching

Designed to help leaders (business, non-profit, church or otherwise) name your leadership tensions, reduce overwhelm, make healthy decisions and clarify new processes in order to lead at a higher level

Packages: Ten 90 minute sessions with tools, a monthly subscription or an onsite in Colorado 

Aims: Clarify your role, identify challenges, lead proactively, leverage time and energy for maximum impact, communicate effectively and break growth barriers

Cost: Varies depending on the coach

sabbatical coaching

Designed to help any leader heading into sabbatical create a healthy sabbatical plan, journey through sabbatical and re-enter in a healthy way.

Sessions: Five or ten 90 minute sessions over Zoom

Aims: RePrioritize your schedule, ReCreate thriving rhythms and ReImagine your next season

Cost: Varies depending on plan and non-profit or for profit.

Working Genius Coaching and Trainings

Designed to help leaders and teams seeking self-awareness and greater impact understand their areas of genius and their impact gaps. Alan can analyze and translate Working Genius assessments and lead team trainings.  

Packages: Coaching session, team intensive and team immersion

Aims: Analyze individual and team Working Genius assessments to assess for strengths, gaps and burnout triggers. 

Cost: Varies depending on package requested. Email for more information and pricing. 

what others are saying

Katelyn, Business owner

It has given me a source of motivation, accountability, encouragement and insight…I have been so impressed with the Stay Forth Designs tools and program” 

Austin, Pastor and Non-profit leader

“I couldn’t recommend Stay Forth more. They are the real deal”  


Nathanael, Business Owner

“I gained more perspective than I have ever before about my business. I recommend Stay Forth to anyone looking to have clarity, focus, and just an overall better understanding of their leadership.


Nita, Ministry Leader

“I had a great experience with Stay Forth Designs in sabbatical coaching!”


Chaz, YouTube Influencer

It was like seeing a therapist and a life coach at the same time.”  

Josh, Ministry Leader and Catalyst

“My health as a leader and subsequently my impact has grown because of the coaching I received. It is well worth the investment!”