We help leaders experience functional and fulfilling lives. In addition to our coaching, consulting and speaking experiences we’ve developed this vault of ridiculously practical resources to help you reach more impact.


“The Right Side up Leader” An ebook for every leader

This ebook lays the foundation for you to go the distance in leadership. Alan shares the underlying beliefs of our design thinking and core beliefs about leadership.



“Five Days to Focus” A journey toward impact

This simple process will increase your impact by inviting you into a step-by-step process for just an hour a day for one work week. Five days can change everything!




“7 Steps to Launching Your Big Idea” A process playbook.

This process is designed to help you launch that big idea and move from dream to reality even in the midst of a busy life.





“Weekly Planning Grid” A time investment tool

This is the most widely used Stay Forth Designs tool. Leaders all over the country are organizing their week for greater intention and seeing great results




Annual Energy Map” A strategic planning tool

This tool helps you recognize the ebbs and flows of your year so you can plan for greater impact.





Developing coaches in your organization. (Organizational use.)

Develop robust coaches in your organization! This bundle offers both of our Stay Forth Coaching training videos for unlimited use in your organization.



“A Busy Bum’s Blueprint” A practical writing process

We are helping aspiring writers develop into actual writers by applying this proven framework. This will give you the structure and direction you need to start writing and keep writing.




A Busy Bum’s Guide to Writing a Book

This is the ridiculously practical companion guide to A Busy Bum’s Blueprint for Writing. This will give you the process you  need to finally write your book!




How To Build Relationship With Your Neighbors Without Being Weird; a practical two-session training including a study guide.

This two-part training is a great compliment to Alan Briggs’ book Staying is the new Going. Alan and David give foundational teaching and practical next steps to anyone ready to build relationships with their neighbors. This is ideal for individuals, groups or churches.



 Introduction to the Enneagram

This practical training offers brief overview of the Enneagram with descriptions of each number. This video training is perfect for individuals or groups who are new to the Enneagram.








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