The Right Side up Awards hosted by Stay Forth Designs

Celebrating faithful champions

What we celebrate says a lot about us. And we get more of what we celebrate. At Stay Forth Designs we are trying to change the tide of Christian leadership to celebrate long-term health over short-term impact. Kingdom leaders, teams, churches, and organizations are taking risks to cultivate long-term health within themselves and those around them. Most of them go unnoticed and uncelebrated. We are cheering on the unsung heroes. We believe in them! In order to celebrate those faithful, unsung heroes we are hosting the Right Side up Awards.

Five awards will be given for those fostering healthy leadership in 2019. Champions can be nominated right here during the month of November. Award recipients will be announced on December 5th on Facebook, Instagram TV and on the Right Side up Leadership Podcast.

Here are the five categories…

Right side up leader: Given to a leader who embodies healthy leadership

Right side up innovator: Given for the best idea executed by an individual, team or organization to promote healthy leadership

Right side up influencer: Given to a leader changing the tide of healthy leadership on a large scale

Right side up investor: Given to a leader investing their best energy into the healthy development of others

2019 resilient leader: Given to someone who overcame unusual adversity this year

Nomination details…

We know you’re awesome, but let’s spread the love. Nominate a leader, church, or organization that you aren’t a part of.

You may only provide three nominations per category.

For a nomination to be considered you must include the email address of the leader or a point person.

Tell us the following…

What (category):

Who (individual, team or organization):

Why (specific reason, limited to 200 characters):

Your email:

Nominee email:

Winners will be announced on December 5th on the Right Side up Leadership Podcast, Stay Forth Designs Facebook live at 8 AM MST, Instagram TV at 9 AM MST. We are excited to celebrate those who are raising the water level of Christian leadership!