We think the big conference model is dying and small boutique experiences will continue gaining steam. Why? 

We’re overwhelmed with information but starved for experiences. There’s a growing discontentment with the information-driven conference model and a growing hunger for restful relational spaces. 

We host experiences. We gather like-hearted leaders from across the country for ridiculously refreshing experiences. Some of these experiences center around a topic or a big question (like a really fun cohort) and some focus fully on relaxing and refilling your tank (and your belly).  

We also work alongside organizations to curate their experiences. You can hire our team as full service experience planners. We partner to plan your time, guide discussion, make meals incredible and create fun experiences so you can focus on being present with your guests.   

On our experiences, you can expect long meals, slow pace, amazing beverages, fun experiences, deep conversations, and belly laughs. We would love for you to join us or invite us to curate and administrate your next experience.

upcoming experiences

The Phoenix Fill Up

The rocky mountan refresh

the rocky mountain renewal

the colorado collaboration