Zach Meerkeebs Content Creator

Activator. Networker. Champion of rest. Grateful. Soccer fan.


Zach Meerkreebs claims to be the poster child of “It takes a village.” Zach is the product of the
generosity of multiple godly men that took the discipleship and development of an emerging
leader seriously. After growing up in a toxic environment and becoming a Christian in high
school, he immediately got connected to Alan and began leading in different ministries. Zach and
his wife Kristin planted New City Church in the urban center of downtown Lexington, KY and
currently serves as a regional coach and consultant for the Christian and Missionary Alliance.
After experiences in planting multiple churches, cross-cultural ministry overseas, and serving in
a mega-church context, Zach has become more and more convinced that his purpose is to
develop healthy, sustainable, and effective leaders. He especially takes joy in walking young
leaders through the first years of ministry and has a unique passion to walk with those with
significant hurt or experiences with moral failure.

Zach and his community celebrate “passing the ball” to many emerging leaders that will plant or renovate expressions of the Church all over
their region.

He has a blast being married to Kristin and loves being a dad to his daughter Eden. If he isn’t
asking a young leader hard questions over a fancy pour-over coffee or a craft beer, he is probably
watching or playing soccer, reading, or checking out a new restaurant with friends.



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