For better or worse we are in the digital age. I believe it’s for the better! A lot of Americans spend time on social media. A lot. 79 percent of the U.S population has at least one social media profile they regularly engage. What that means for you and I is this; It has never been more important than right now to leverage social media to communicate with others.  Whether you’re selling a new taco recipe or engaging the lost with the gospel, there is a vast community on the other side of your screen, and social media will help you communicate with them. You have a story to tell, a product you know people want and people you want to share the gospel with. If done right, engaging social media can help you do that.

Three words shaped the latter part of my college education. Seen. Known. Heard. I learned a lot more, of course, but those three words have had a profound impact on how I leverage social media to communicate with others about both business and ministry.

These three words are a helpful progression.

  • Being seen: Make an introduction
  • Being known: Establish a presence
  • Being heard: Establish trust. 

If someone has never seen you, they don’t know you. If they don’t know you, then they don’t trust you. And if they don’t trust you then they probably won’t purchase your amazing taco recipe, or take next steps towards knowing more about Jesus.  On the flipside, once people have seen you a few times, you move from acquaintance to an established presence. And once people get to know you, they listen to what you have to say. Whether your goals aim at sales or gospel transformation, without being seen, being known, and being heard, you’ll spend most of your time spinning your wheels.

Perhaps you already have an established presence in your community or sphere. By engaging and leveraging social media, the influence you already have can easily transfer to the social marketplace. You’ll have the ability to tap into the billions of people who regularly engage social media and continue to enhance your brand awareness. There is a massive grove of the fruit waiting to be picked, and social media allows you to pick it.

If you’re new to the social media game don’t worry. Maybe you’re thinking of starting a side hustle. Maybe you’re a church-planter. Maybe you operate a business. Don’t let the fear of being unknown stop you from engaging social media. On Instagram alone, 60 percent of its users say they uncover new organizations on a regular basis. A  study conducted by Pew Research found that 74%  U.S adults visit Facebook daily, with 51% of those adults engaging the site multiple times a day. What does this mean? If you want to be seen, known, and heard in this age, social media can be an incredible way to get there.

The marketplace is no longer constrained to physical spaces. It has expanded into digital spaces. You have a story to share or a taco recipe to sell, but if you’re aren’t engaging social media; well, you’re missing effective ways to communicate with the masses. If you want more people to see you, know you, and hear you now is the time to start engaging social media.

There are many ways to leverage social media. This post was merely to explain the “why” before moving to the “what”. We’ll be posting more strategy and ideas in the future, but if you have questions in the meantime shoot me a message through my social media channels on Instagram @joco85 or Facebook @Jbcollier.