“It is not the job of our black brothers and sisters to educate us on the issue of race”. I’ve heard this a lot in the last few days, and I agree. There are many incredible resources out there to educate yourself. Here is a list our team has compiled that we highly recommend. We encourage you to spend time this summer listening and learning to the history of race in America and the current issues that presents. Then ask God how you should respond.


One Blood John Perkins

Winning the Race to Unity Clarence Shuler

Intensional D.A. Horton

Humankind Ashlee Eiland

The Colors of Culture Melinda Joy Mingo (PreRelease) 

I’m Still Here Austin Channing Brown

How to be an AntiRacist Ibram Kendi

White Fragility Robin Diangelo

Why are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria Beverly Daniel Tatum

The New Jim Crow Michelle Alexander

Stamped from the Beginning Ibram Kendi

Waking up White Debby Irving

Me and White Supremacy Layla Saad

So you want to talk about Race Ijeoma Oluo

Woke Church Eric Mason


Eyes on the Prize documentary (You can find this on YouTube) Part 1. Part 2.

13th Netflix documentary

Just Mercy

Hidden Figures



Become the Bridge; A Conversation with Steven Furtick and John Gray.

Dear White Leaders; Black kingdom leaders speaking honestly to white leaders” Right-Side Up Leadership Podcast series. Available wherever you consume podcasts.

Here is another great list of Antiracism Books for Christians from the Englewood Review of Books

What other resources would you add to this list?