We’ve heard your suggestions for a podcast. Thanks for your persistence. Many of you have asked us to take Stay Forth Designs into your earbuds on the way to work, while you’re making dinner or while you’re at the gym. 

Great news; The Right-Side up Leadership Podcast is live! David Bloom and Alan Briggs are shifting their roles from coaches to interviewers to chat with some amazing people. In the last few weeks since launching we’re getting great feedback about the honest and practical conversations we’re hosting. We already have seven episodes for you to check out and over 60 reviews.   

Why do we need another podcast? 

We desperately need to see who leaders are when they’re off the stage. We’ll peek behind their public life and ask questions about what they’re curious about, what their week looks like and how they stay healthy.

Also, we need practical next steps. We don’t just want to hear about their next book; we want to hear ridiculously practical ways we can shift toward a healthy life and leave a long-term impact.    

Who will be on the podcast? 

We’ll host conversations with a diverse range of leaders who taking exciting risks. We’re talking with creatives, moms, pastors, authors, couples, business leaders and other humans you need to hear from. We’ll stop along the way for conversations with our Stay Forth team also. 

What is the greatest help to the podcast?

1. Go to iTunes, the podcast app on your phone or wherever you get your podcasts and search “Right-Side up Leadership Podcast” 

2. Download the first batch of episodes. Apple users download here. Anyone can listen here.

3. Subscribe to the podcast 

4. Rate and review the podcast 

5. Take a screen shot and post it to social media

6. Tell friends who might resonate to tune in

By doing these six things iTunes will give it more access to more eyeballs and more of your friends can learn practical ways to seek health and impact. If you have questions or suggestions email david@stayforth.com