“We’re not in the leadership business; we’re in the freedom business,” I tell people this every week over a steaming mug of coffee or through my laptop on a Zoom call.

We coach leaders (but we intentionally use the term loosely) in completely different circumstances. But everyone we work with is shedding chains and heading toward freedom.

Some days I wake up and pinch myself; I can’t believe I get to help people get healthy and reach more impact every single week. It’s so fulfilling for me and our team. We get the privilege of helping people become who God designed them to be and do what God designed them to do.

Here are a few things happening in the lives of those we coach…

Discerned a major decision around calling

Feeling healthy and alive for the first time in years! 

Designed his schedule around “the important” instead of “the urgent” for the first time ever

Doing less and coaching more

Saying no to good things she isn’t called to and finding margin

Relocating their family across the country after discerning what “the good life” is for them

Practicing sabbath for the first time

Scheduling more time for dates with his wife and daddy time with his kids

Peering through disorientation to dream about the next season

Starting a project small instead of being overwhelmed by launching it large

Enjoying the gift of her sabbatical instead of trying to earn it or feeling guilty for resting

Nearing the completion of his book

Equipping others for mission where they live, work and play

Launched the business he dreamed about and making money doing what he loves

Seeing new possibilities for his vocation beyond the two choices he felt stuck in

Every day is a wild goose chase. I can’t wait to see what God is doing in those we are coaching.