We don’t need more painful fallout stories in the news to realize we need leaders who are full of integrityabiding in Jesus and leading with resilience

Each week our Stay Forth team and network helps leaders GET HEALTHY so they can lead well for the long haul. 

Our Leadership coaching, Sabbatical Coaching and Replenishing Experiences are changing lives! We aren’t going to stand by while kingdom leaders keep falling in the river of despair that leads to burnout. We are actively swimming upstream to help leaders stop falling in the river!

Kingdom leaders regularly tell us they feel overwhelmed, exhausted and stuck. Our coaching helps them clarify, prioritize and execute and our experiences replenish them. Many ministry leaders desire these, but don’t have the funds to receive them.

Through The Upstream Campaign anyone can help at-risk ministry leaders receive free or discounted coaching and experiences.

Will you come upstream with us to help at-risk ministry leaders get healthy?

On the journey with you,

Alan Briggs and the Stay Forth Team