As the end of my second grade school year came to a close I was convinced of just one thing; I would never make it in third grade. Those were the big kids. It was SO much harder. I wasn’t cut out for third grade. As the freedom of summer approached the next three years I believed the same crippling lie.

Change is a shifty character. It whispers half-truths, allures us with false promises and invites us to dream again. I fancy myself a lover of change, one who’s ready to pick a fight with the next season, challenge or barrier before I have to. Perhaps I could get a certificate in change navigation. I love change… until I hate it.

Change is more complicated than a graduation speech, a new room key or an orientation binder. We all welcome change at different rates because of our hardwiring and personal story, but we all must toe the line and come face-to-face with it. We can’t avoid it. It’s sewed into the fabric of the world. It’s in our bloodstream. To be human is to change.

Here are four crucial things to remember in the midst of change…

Change yields loss. You’re going to lose something during change. It’s inevitable. Before you can move to true excitement about the future you must grieve the losses of the past. 

Change yields fear. Once you realize what you’re losing, fear will set in. You’ll hear the gremlins whispering and the self doubt shouting. Press on!

Change yields growth. You’ll realize more of the same isn’t going to work any longer. You’re going to have to navigate new skills, insecurities, joys, challenges and unknowns. Lean in! 

Change yields opportunity. At some point new things will open up to you. Some will make you smile and some will make you scream. Both are normal. You’ll have new invitations and celebrations and opportunities you never imagined.

Change; the only thing that stays consistent about life. Lean in. Be resilient. You’ve got it in you.