The past holds us back more than we ever realize. 

Success in the past holds us back from risking in the future. 

Nostalgia of the past limits our vision of what could be. 

Baggage from the past keeps us stuck in stinking thinking. 

But the past is not all bad.

Some things were working well.

A few small things powered bigger things.

You and your team lost some gusto when you lost these things.

It would be a mistake to throw everything away.   

Leaders, teams and organizations have fallen out of whack (the proper term is probably “rhythm”) and must make a crucial decision; What should we return to and what should we reinvent?  

What should we return to? The rhythms, habits, meeting structure, workflow and schedule that was working for us. The things adding exponential results. The small things powering the other things. The meetings, communication and processes keeping the team in alignment.  

What should we reinvent? The rhythms, habits, meeting structure, workflow and schedule that was ineffective. The things that worked for a while but were past their season. Rigid thinking that no longer works in quickly-changing environments. 

Why does this matter?

We are in danger of throwing everything away including what was highly effective. That would be exhausting and counterproductive. 

We’re also in danger of returning to everything we were doing pre-pandemic expecting the same results. Change has quickened, and we have new opportunities to seize.   

Why is this crucial right now?

This summer we’re living in the borderlands between recovery and reinvention. 

Teams are waiting for the new rules of engagement. 

If we wait until the fall to clarify speed and inertia in our organizations and on our teams will produce chaos.  

What should you return to in your life and leadership?

What should you reinvent? 

Alan Briggs

Alan Briggs

Founder, Lead Creative, Coach

Alan is a mountain guide for the leadership journey. He loves outdoor adventures, but the greatest adventure of his being a father and husband. Alan is crazy about helping hungry leaders conquer overwhelm and navigate with courage. He serves leaders and organizations around the country through coaching, speaking, consulting, designing experiences, hosting mastermind groups, writing his own books and ghostwriting for others. He co-hosts Right Side up Leadership Podcast and regularly writes for Outreach and Field Notes .