Each week I take 30 minutes in my Right Side Up Journal and analyze last week. It’s taken my strategic leadership to the next level. We leave space in the journal every week to LOOK BACK at last week before looking ahead at this week. Very few leaders do this, but it will clarify your execution (or lack thereof).

Why is this so crucial right now?

In addition to overwhelm I see a lot of leaders who feel like they’re constantly losing in every area of life. This is rarely actually the case. Things are going well in some area of our lives and we probably accomplished more last week than we thought. Our fatigue lies to us and discourages us. When we intentionally look for victories we experienced last week we’ll realize we are gaining ground and we’re motived to execute next week.

How do I actually do this?

Turn to the “Week in Review” page of your Right Side up Journal. Chart “Unfinished Business”, “Notable Events”, “Crucial Conversations” and “Biggest Steps I Took.”

Each week I forget small victories and significant conversations I had that week.

It’s a 30 minute investment that yields unbelievable clarity.

What else?

We can’t effectively build off last week’s momentum without realizing we gained momentum. There’s nothing worse than digging out of a hole every Monday morning. Our Stay Forth team is always encouraging you to “take your next right steps”, but leaders who analyze the steps they took have greater clarity, encouragement and inspiration to take steps next week.

Also, when you look back at last week and look ahead at next week your anxiety level goes down heading back to work. I promise- this investment yields good returns!

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