We spend so much of our life wandering trying to figure out who we are, what it is that makes us tick and what we want to do with that knowledge.  Most of us want our lives to contribute to a greater story of the common good.  We want to feel alive and know that we are in the right place.  We often have identifiers of what we want the future to look like, but the WHO, the WHAT, and the HOW are the most challenging parts.  

WHO am I supposed to be, WHAT am I supposed to do with my life, and HOW do I get there?

I’ve heard it said that only a handful of people discover their Unique Purpose while everyone else spends their whole life searching.  I don’t know about you, but I’d like to fall into that first camp.  If you too want to fall into that first camp, I want to help you get there.

So how do we fall into the camp of people who discover their Unique Purpose?

Lean In.  The treasure falls into the hands of the person who looks the longest and hardest for it.  Your Unique Purpose will not magically fall in your lap.  It takes intention, alertness and a listening heart to discover it.  And then it takes endurance, action and a willingness to fight in the midst of obstacles to chase it into existence.

So you have to ask yourself, how badly do you want it?  To know your Unique Purpose, to know you are on the right path, to have a Vision for the future, and to Chase it into existence?  I want to help you uncover your Unique Purpose so you can live out your dreams and experience a life fulfilled. When you coach with me, I will help you:

Gain Clarity,

Reignite Passion,

Overcome Obstacles, and

Map Your Course

Create your unique plan and walk away with specific tools so you can live out your best adventure with clarity and momentum.

Let’s get you on course to living your best life.

Chelsea Hill

Chelsea Hill


Chelsea guides people as they navigate seasons of Transition and pursue Purpose in their life. With several personal guided transitions under her belt, Chelsea has found a deep passion in helping people rediscover their Belovedness and Purpose. As Frederick Bueschner would say, “The place where God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s deepest hunger.”  

Chelsea will help you discover your deep gladness and equip you with the necessary tools to discover the boundaries and disciplines you need to help you thrive.