Walk through your plans for 10 minutes each morning

Before you open your email or respond to texts find a place to sit down and walk through your day. You’ll notice gaps, opportunities and meetings to prepare for. As you clarify meetings, details and locations your overwhelm will go down. Now that you have clarity you’re ready to execute!

Develop a purpose for each day

Each day in your week should have a different purpose. Finding a rhythmic week may take time, but it will clarify what you should be doing that day. Spend time looking over each day of the week, grouping similar activities together and creating a short purpose statement for that day each week. Knowing the purpose helps you sprint after those activities that day or push them to another day where the purpose aligns.

Create a “to don’t” list every week (and stick to it)

Our “to do” lists grow exponentially larger with time, and we often don’t accomplish them each day. This leaves us feeling behind, unproductive and rushed. Make a list of the things you won’t do this week. Perhaps you have a very tight week and you won’t schedule more meetings, surf social media at work or take on new projects. Decide on them. Write them down. Stick to them.

Set items aside for tomorrow or next week

You can’t get everything done today or this week. Some items on your calendar or in your head should be saved for tomorrow, next week or next month. Prioritize the things that MUST get done today or this week and write them down. Write down the other things into your future schedule, and get them out of your mind.

Invest 30 minutes analyzing last week and planning next week

Dedicate a time on Saturday or Sunday evening to look back at the week. Analyze the victories, conversations, steps and unfinished business from the week before. Look ahead at the next week and look for opportunities, meetings to prepare for and ambiguity to clarify in your schedule. This half hour can take your overwhelm down before going to bed Sunday so you can wake up ready for work on Monday.

These tips are a great place to start.

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