There’s no shortage of information today, but people are starved for experiences. We’ve noticed a growing discontentment with the information-driven conference model and a growing hunger for restful relational spaces. We are taking the risk to create and curate ridiculously refreshing experiences for leaders. These will unfold in different locations across the country. Some will gather similar people around a topic (like a really fun cohort), others will teach a new process (like a writing retreat) and others will focus singularly on relaxing and filling your tank back up.   

 Our first Stay Forth >> Go Forth experience, “The Phoenix Fill Up”, featured long meals, go karts, deep conversations and a lot of laughs.

Upcoming experiences

Rocky Mountain Renewal

Rocky Mountain Renewal

A space for women to let go of all the things you “should” be doing, and rest in the knowledge that you are well-known by God and that you are beautiful, worthy, and important in His sight.
October 10-13, 2019