“A seven-course meal? What?!?” This is the usual reaction when people sit down at the table at one of our experiences. 

We’re overwhelmed with information today but starved for experiences. There’s a growing discontentment with the information-driven conference model and a growing hunger for restful relational spaces. 

We host and curate ridiculously refreshing experiences for all types of leaders across the country. Join us on one of our experiences or hire us to curate your next experience for you. Some of these experiences center around a topic or a big question (like a really fun cohort) and some focus fully on relaxing and refilling your tank (and your belly).   

On any of our experiences, you can expect long meals, slow pace, amazing beverages, fun experiences, deep conversations, and belly laughs. We would love for you to join us or invite us to curate and administrate your next experience.





The Phoenix FIll-Up

The Phoenix Fill-Up

An experience for male pastors. A highly-curated, intentional space to laugh, refocus and rekindle a passion for ministry. Phoenix, Arizona April 14-17, 2020

When: Tuesday, March 17th 12-2 (We understand if you have to come late)

Where: Hacienda Colorado in Colorado Springs (5246 N Nevada Ave)

Lunch is free thanks to our friends at Aplos, but spots are limited. Please register below