Digital Marketers Mastermind Journey

A nine-month pathway to take your leadership and business to the next level

September 2019-May 2020 

Why: We are wired for community. Leadership can be lonely and confusing. We face complex issues ranging from industry-specific shifts to business strategy to prioritizing our family. 

What: This is nine-month journey where humble, hungry, high-capacity digital marketers will help one another break through their leadership barriers in a close-knit community. This will unfold in three very intentional phases but will allow plenty of space to focus on barriers you are facing personally or in your business. 

Primary outcomes

Accountability: Others in your field asking if you are taking your next right steps

Breakthrough: Others sharing ideas or shifts to help you break through barriers  

Community: Others experiencing the same beauty and struggle of leadership and business

The Fourteeners

Most people in Colorado relax on Saturday mornings. Others get up in the middle of the night and climb 14ers. This mastermind journey is for hungry, humble, high-capacity digital marketers with a kingdom focus. We all keep taking risks, but deep down we have a sinking fear of our businesses growing at the cost of our soul or our family.

The guides


Mike Worley Jr. will be our guide. Mike has helped to build two marketing companies and currently helps churches increase their marketing reach. Mike has been helping companies amplify their digital marketing by creating campaigns that connect & convert. Over the past 10+ years, his marketing agencies have won Digital Marketers Agency of the Year, Forbes 5000 list and Dallas’ 100 Fastest Growing Companies. 

Alan Briggs will be our curator. Alan has coached, consulted and lead cohorts for churches and businesses for a decade. Alan is a mountain guide for the leadership journey. He is ridiculously passionate about helping leaders and teams uncover what they’re uniquely designed to do and how they can reach more impact. He loves connecting the right people, collaborating with others, walking with hungry leaders and creating processes to help leaders continue innovating. He founded Stay Forth Designs to help leaders and teams GET HEALTHY + REACH MORE IMPACT. He has served in various roles including a pastor, church planting catalyst and co-working space curator. 

The values

Be generous Give your best stuff away

Be collaborative Choose to believe we’re better together

Be humble Look for and point out the genius around the table

Be authentic Share the full story, not just the highlights

Be courageous Take your next right step

When: September to May, two monthly evening meetings. Specific dates will be announced soon. Basecamp mountain experience is September 8-11  

Where: The Basecamp is an incredible lodge near Silverthorne, Colorado. One monthly meeting is face-to-face in a private meeting room in Colorado Springs, one monthly meeting is virtual. 

Cost: $5,000 

Pay up front: 10% discount $4,500

Pay monthly: $600 email invoice


Why is this expensive? You value what you pay for. Our guides will treat this with priority, not like it’s just “one more thing”. We want to provide an incredible basecamp experience as well as a professional private rented meeting space. We will occasionally pay an honorarium to a guest presenter. 

What is the format? It varies a bit from session to session, but generally we will share, give feedback and learn from an expert in a specific area. You will have the agenda coming into each gathering so you can get a running start and come prepared. We believe in preparation and professionalism. 

Who will we be learning from? Depending on the needs, desires and growth track of the group our guides will seek out relevant presenters. 

What areas will we discuss? We will chase whatever topics are discussed by journeyers, but we will also cover business development, technology trends and personal leadership habits.  

What are the expectations outside of the meetings? We ask you to prepare to answer questions coming into each session, but there is no required reading or “homework” per se. Getting together with other journeyers is recommended. The greatest asset you’ll bring to others is your experience from constant risk-taking.  

How will we communicate? We will send occasional informational emails and create a slack channel. You will have everyone’s cell.  

What if we can’t make basecamp or a monthly meeting? We HIGHLY recommend you come to basecamp, but it is not mandatory. We ask you to only miss a gathering if you are sick or out of town. 

Will we be able to zoom in? Yes, all calls will be on zoom, but we ask Colorado Springs locals to be there in person. Remember, you can’t smoke cigars virtually.

The Application