Digital Marketers Cohort

A nine-month cohort to take your leadership and digital marketing to the next level

Why: We are wired for community. Leadership can be lonely and confusing. We face complex issues ranging from industry-specific shifts to business strategy to prioritizing our family. 

What: This is a nine-month cohort where humble, hungry, high-capacity digital marketers will help one another breakthrough their leadership barriers in a close-knit community. 

Who: Anyone marketing their business or organization online (digitally)

Open Registration? Yes, share with your friends. 

Aim: To deepen your knowledge, skills, and ideas for digital marketing by learning from one another in a peer to peer environment, as well as a few industry experts.

The values

Be generous Give your best stuff away

Be collaborative Choose to believe we’re better together

Be humble Look for and point out the genius around the table

Be authentic Share the full story, not just the highlights

Be courageous Take your next right step

When: Duration is 9 months. 1 monthly evening meeting. We currently have a cohort in progress. Details about another cohort will be available soon. 

Where: Cohort sessions are held digitally over Zoom. We also offer access to a private Facebook group where you can interact between meetings.  

What is the format? It varies a bit from session to session, but generally, we will share, give feedback and learn from each other as well as an occasional expert in a specific area. You will have the agenda coming into each gathering so you can get a running start and come prepared. We believe in preparation and professionalism. 

Who will we be learning from? Peer-to-peer learning as well as a few industry experts. 

What areas will we discuss? We will chase whatever topics are discussed by cohort members, but we will also cover business development, technology trends, and personal leadership habits.  

What are the expectations outside of the sessions? We ask you to prepare to answer questions coming into each session, but there is no required reading or “homework” per se. Interacting with each other in the private Facebook group is recommended. The greatest asset you’ll bring to others is your experience from constant risk-taking.  

How will we communicate? We will send occasional informational emails and interact with one another in a private Facebook group.  

What if we can’t make a monthly session? We HIGHLY recommend you attend cohort sessions, but it is not mandatory.