Leadership Cohorts

An online journey toward health and impact

Feeling overwhelmed?

Need a safe community to process & grow?

Jump into one of these fall cohorts!

One-on-one coaching is incredible, but we understand it is a bigger time and money commitment than some leaders can make. Cohorts also offer valuable interaction with others on the leadership journey.

Our cohorts help you…

Start conversations on crucial topics (race, time, finances, exhaustion)
Dig out from feeling behind
Cultivate an effective grid for daily, weekly and monthly planning
Focus on what really matters (And learn to say NO!)
Connect with other hungry leaders
Utilize 6 tools to sustain change

We’ve all been through a tough season, and this fall is going to be challenging. We all need guidance, tools and community if we’re going to navigate this season and lead well. Don’t miss out. Slots are limited.  

Racial Reconciliation in the Kingdom

A six week cohort to learn and take your next steps 

The racial fabric of our country is broken, and Stay Forth believes followers of Jesus should be leading the way. But most of us lack the tools to start and continue meaningful conversations. We know, it feels intimidating and awkward. We will be creating a meaningful, honest and non-judgemental space to discuss how to come together as different ethnicities under the banner of heaven. This is great for anyone, but especially for those in teams, churches or organizations beginning to experience these tensions.

 Your cohort coleaders are Melinda Joy Mingo and Alan Briggs. Melinda Joy will walk through her book The Colors of Culture as well as various tools to grow your culture. She brings years of experience helping leaders and organizations navigate these issues and have meaningful conversations. The cohort includes practical tools to begin racial reconciliation conversations and a copy of Melinda Joy’s new book “The Colors of Culture; The beauty of diverse friendships

Healthy Leaders 

A six week cohort to get healthy in community and take your next steps

Leaders are expected to do all the things. Productivity often trumps identity. This cohort will focus on who you are and explore how that shapes what you do. This is great for anyone, but especially for those in teams, churches or organizations who have influence. You cannot afford to live and lead unhealthy.

Your cohort coleaders are Karin Harper and Eric Sanford. Karin offers years of ministry focused on identity and a thirst for a fulfulling life. Eric brings years of ministry and coaching experience along with a desire to see leaders develop healthy habits. The cohort includes ridiculously practical tools to organize your time, work proactively, gain momentum and live from your identity.

Bi-vocational leaders

A six week cohort to encourage, equip, and connect bi-vocational leaders.

Bi-vocational leaders face unique obstacles and advantages in life and ministry. Join a community of bi-vocational leaders as we journey toward health in life and ministry to reach more impact in our work and homes. Learn from bi-vocational practitioners and fellow participants. If you are a bi-vocational leader or are considering bi-vocational ministry, this cohort is for you.

Your cohort coleaders are David Bloom and Eric Sanford. David offers years of ministry leadership in full-time and bi-vocational settings. Eric brings years of bi-vocational and full-time ministry experience along with a desire to see leaders learn healthy habits. The cohort includes ridiculously practical tools organize your time, work proactively, and faithfully live out your calling. We will also feature guest speakers who will share the joy and pain points of bi-vocational ministry.