It snowed 18 inches at my house in late May. Needless to say, I’m excited for this summer to be here. But if I’m not careful it’s gonna fly by. This summer has the same amount of hours as any other summer, but I want to savor each moment before it’s gone.

I work full-time at a large church, am a part of the Stay Forth coaching team and I lead a coaching intensive retreat for women. There’s not a lot of time for me to get bored. But also I love adventure, variety and fun, and I’m committed to seeing how much of that I can fit in this summer. My word for the year is “Intentional”, and I’m choosing to be intentional about fun this summer in the midst of lots of responsibility and commitments.

I like my rest to be fun. It often looks like kayaking or enjoying the firepit with good friends. Sometimes it’s biking in the mountains and soaking up the fresh air. Later this summer it will look like conversation and adventure with my large extended family in the mountains. I’m even combining ministry and fun as I lead a team of teenagers from our church to Estonia. 

Fun, rest and health are crucial. They often happen in the little moments when I choose to work outside in the fresh air, when I stop and celebrate the little things and when I simply savor the sweetness of life. 

What does fun look like for you?

How will you be intentional about fun this summer?