Don’t tell anyone, but I love hosting a podcast. I love talking to interesting people about interesting topics. It’s connection, research, conversation and friendship wrapped into a recording. All of it. Every interview teaches me something. Sometimes we share our own thoughts or repurpose one of my talks, but there’s nothing quite like a good interview. 

We just finished our second year of recording Right Side up Leadership Podcast. In 2019 we released a weekly episode, but in 2020 we began releasing two every week. I’m really glad we did. All the scheduling, interviewing, editing and releasing is worth it when people tell me how these conversations are transforming them while they do the dishes, go for a morning run, mow the lawn or drive down the highway. 

While EVERY episode of Right Side up Leadership Podcast is good, here are several that stood out as particularly timely amidst the disorientation of 2020. 

Michele Cushatt Episode 112 “Change and loss are shaping us

John Eldredge Episode 88 “You are experiencing trauma” 

Adam Weber Episode 138 “How do we choose compassion in our cancel culture?”  

The Bible Project Episode 84 “The Bible Project talks communcation” 

Danielle Strickland Episode 90 “Women and men; bridging the divide between us” 

Carlos Whittaker Episode 110 “Enter Wild” 

Tod Bolsinger Episode 120 “Canoeing the Mountains post COVID” 

Joël Malm Episode 123 “Taking your next step, fear and risk” 

Jeff and Terra Mattson Episode 151 “What are warning signs for leaders?” 

 Ryan Leak Episode 107 “Dear White Leaders Part 5

Alan and Gem Fadling Episode 67  “Living Unhurried” 

Josh Surratt Episode 148  “Dealing with Discouragement” 

Rich Villodas Episode 130″Formation and Racial Reconciliation” 

Jay Kim Episode 99 “Screens; the good and bad for us and the Church” 

Bryan Loritts Episode 146 “Let’s talk about race… again” 

John Mark Comer Episode 66 “Eliminating Hurry”